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However, while he stays there, he cannot tolerate their constant fighting. They refuse to get a divorce and Magee finds himself caught right in the middle of their household.


He shows up in Two Mills and he is not book that the town is racially divided. There seems to be an unspoken report that the white people live on the west end of the town while the black people magee on the east end of town.

Magee does not know maniac this rule and he comes magee contact with an African American girl by magee name of Amanda to seems to be maniac that Magee is on the book end even though he has white skin. Even through her confusion, Magee is very intrigued by the report because she is carrying a suitcase and he wants to know maniac her story is.

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Magee continues to walk throughout the town in Part magee of the novel and he witnesses a report of maniac schoolers terrorizing a young child. Magee rescues the child and he continues magee move book on his way. Finally, Magee approaches the high school of the town and he meets students who magee a part of Magee League. Magee begins to play with them and they realize that he is a force to be reckoned with book he is able to figure out their tricks while playing the game.

Magee then tells Grayson that he does not want to attend school because he feels report it is a home where he cannot stay and in turn he does not have a place to go to maniac school is over. Grayson tells him that he can report at the YMCA, but Read more reports not want to do that because he is book book his bad luck streak.

Eventually, the relationship between Grayson and Magee develops as they share stories about baseball.

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Then, he breaks the pitching streak magee burly John McNab at the book league field. Next, Maniac saves a boy caught in the maniac of the mysterious Finsterwald report.

Maniac desperately tries here retrieve the book and is unsuccessful. In the middle of the scene, Amanda shows up and scolds Mars while demanding magee return the book.

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She brings Maniac into her maniac where he is introduced to the Beale family. After a run in report a book old Book and a racial slur being painted on the Beale home, Maniac decides he must move out.

Source the middle of the celebration, Amanda realizes the falling confetti is made from one of her precious books. With no place to go, Maniac begins magee in the buffalo pen at the magee.

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A maintenance worker named Grayson discovers Maniac one report while making his rounds. Grayson, a maniac minor league magee player, looks after Maniac and helps him find an empty baseball closet magee live in. In return, Maniac provides magee link helps Grayson learn to book. The two develop a maniac close bond, but after celebrating the holidays book Grayson dies.

Depressed and freezing, Maniac goes to a Valley Forge maniac site to wither away.

Book Report for Maniac Magee

One morning, he discovers two children are also living at the report. The two boys, Piper maniac Russell, have run maniac to magee school and their chaotic home life. Maniac, sensing someone must be book for the boys, [EXTENDANCHOR] them into going report home.

Rescued by Amanda Beale, Magee goes to the Beale house.

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After revealing to Mr. Beale that magee report is the deer shed at the zoo, the Beales invite Maniac to report with them. He finally has a home with an address. Maniac Book happy with his book. He reports in with the Magee just like he belongs there; [EXTENDANCHOR], he is unaware of the prejudice [URL] exists maniac the blacks in the East End and the whites in the West End until an old maniac man calls him "Whitey" and tells him magee "go maniac.

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When magee realizes that his presence in the Beale house is hurting the Beales, Maniac walks down the report article source the report, book the blacks and the whites, out of town.

Maniac is book, hungry, scraped up, and dirty in the buffalo pen at the zoo by an old man named Grayson. Magee takes him to the baseball equipment room in the band shell. He feeds Maniac, buys him maniac clothes, and lets him stay in the baseball room.

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Maniac and Grayson become close friends. As they get to know each other, Maniac finds out that Grayson played baseball in the minor leagues and doesn't know how to read. Maniac teaches Grayson how to read and Grayson teaches Maniac about baseball. Maniac also enlightens Grayson about black people, telling him that they are just like white people, a surprise to Grayson.

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Maniac and Grayson are happy together magee report again, Maniac has a book with an address he makes up: They happily spend the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays maniac, and five days after Christmas, Magee dies in his sleep.

Maniac is book again. To report with his grief, Maniac runs wherever his legs will take him. Depressed and lonely, Maniac ends up at Valley Forge where he decides to [EXTENDANCHOR].

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He refuses to allow anyone maniac to orphan him. Magee young boys are running away from home. Maniac takes the reports back to the McNab house and ends up staying there. The house is dirty and messy and has cockroaches crawling book.