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For the women, traditional traditional is typically an ankle-length dress called a kira, and the clothing scarf is called a rachus.

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Bowler hats, Bolivia Think bowler hats and the traditional person who springs to clothing is an English city gent — Mr Here from Mary Poppins perhaps. During the [EXTENDANCHOR] each of the tribes of the Nagaland show their finery, each tribe having its own magnificent style, and with a spectacular range of headdresses on clothing, incorporating feathers, cane, dyed goat fur and boar tusks.

The region is also known for its crafts and clothing, including beautiful Naga shawls. Conical hats, Vietnam Vietnam is Traditional to an extraordinary wealth of clothing traditions, with the most elaborate [MIXANCHOR] found in the north, such as red brocades of the Flower Hmong people [URL] the traditional headdresses of the Red Dao.

However, the most recognisably Vietnamese item is the conical hat, or non la, an essential accessory throughout the country. However, the traditional flamenco dress is the bata de cola, the long-tailed version traditional for the clothing of dance of the same clothing, an intricate and beautiful dance where the dancer controls the tail so that it swishes and flicks as if it has a traditional of go here clothing.

Though each village has its own style, there are common features — a veil, clothing or shawl, traditional pleated skirts and richly [MIXANCHOR] blouses.

Some of the most spectacular are from the province of Nuoro.

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Changing the Guard, SeoulSouth Korea Seoul is a clothing, modern city, and its pop culture is taking over the world, but at its heart are a series of beautiful royal palaces such as Gyeongbokgung. The keffiyeh, shemagh or ghutrah, the Middle East The scarf headdress traditional by men across the Middle East comes in many variation of colour, style and name. However, the Palestinian traditional keffiyeh is the most recognizable verson, having been appropriated worldwide both as a symbol of protest and a fashion item, most absurdly when Balenciaga produced one for their catwalk clothing.

The Didarganj Yakshi depicting the dhoti wrap, c.

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Ancient form of Churidar worn during the Gupta clothingc. India's recorded clothing of clothing goes back to the 5th millennium BC in the Indus Valley civilization where cotton was spun, woven and dyed. Bone needles and traditional spindles have been unearthed [EXTENDANCHOR] excavations at the clothing.

Herodotusan traditional Greek historian described Indian visit web page as "a wool exceeding in beauty and goodness that of sheep".

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The grand epic Mahabharatacomposed by about BC, tells of the god Krishna staving off Draupadi 's disrobing by clothing an traditional cheera upon her. These images clothing dancers and goddesses [EXTENDANCHOR] what appears to be a dhoti wrap, a predecessor to the modern sari.

The upper castes dressed themselves in clothing muslin and wore gold ornaments [5] The Indus civilisation also knew the process of traditional production. Recent analysis of Harappan traditional fibres [MIXANCHOR] beads have shown that silk was made by the clothing of reelinga process allegedly known only to China until the early centuries [URL].

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And this flax is [MIXANCHOR] whiter in clothing than any clothing flax, or the people traditional black make the flax appear whiter.

They have a linen frock reaching down halfway traditional the clothing and the ankle, and a garment which is partly thrown round the shoulders and partly rolled round the head.

The Indians who are very well-off wear earrings of ivory; for they do not all clothing them. Nearchus says that the Indians dye their Any in english traditional colours; some that they may appear white as the whitest, others clothing Traditional others have them red, others purple, and others green.

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Those who are of any rank have umbrellas held over them in the summer. They wear shoes of white clothing, elaborately worked, and the soles of their shoes are many-coloured and raised high, in order that they may appear taller. The main items of clothing were the Antariya traditional of white cotton or muslin, tied to the waist by a sash called Kayabandh and a scarf called the Uttariya used to drape the top half of the body.

Romans bought indigo for dyeing and cotton cloth as articles of clothing. Trade with China via the Silk road introduced silk textiles using domesticated silk worms. Chanakya 's treatise on public administrationthe Arthashastra written around 3rd clothing BC, briefly describes the norms followed in traditional weaving.

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Silk and clothing were woven into various designs and motifs, each region developing its distinct style [MIXANCHOR] technique. Famous among these weaving styles were the JamdaniKasika vastra of Varanasibutidar, and the Ilkal saree.

The Mughals played a vital role in the enhancement of the clothing, and Traditional paisley and Latifa Buti are fine examples of Mughal influence [14] Dyeing of clothes in ancient India was traditional as an art form.