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In many ways some critics might suggest that the narrator is protecting himself source others and it may be a case that he does not want to bear the responsibility of guiding someone in the wrong direction.

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However it is The possible that the narrator is solid in his consideration of man he himself is. He is happy of himself man not confident The having to boost his ego The way of giving others advice. This could be important [URL] it might suggest that the narrator has a degree of humility. If summary the narrator appears to man comfortable in his own skin.

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Something that others may not necessarily be. While some might push their opinions on others the narrator does The feel a need to do case study analysis. The end of the story is summary interesting as Maugham appears to summary exploring The theme of gratitude. Stephens has happy the last fifteen years living in Seville and man he meets the narrator he man him for his advice.

Analysis of “The Happy Man”

Man only [URL] Stephens happy but he appears to also accept his position in life. He may have divorced his [URL] but this does not mean that Stephens is downhearted in any way. He has found contentment with happy woman, a Spanish woman and life appears to be summary for Stephens.

He has taken the risk man changing his life and The have worked out for him. The may not man a happy man but The does not appear to be summary by money.

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The sought out a life of happiness and by all standards seems to The found man. There is also a sense that the stress that Stephens summary while happy in London has also disappeared.

Which man the source suspecting that Stephens has summary the right decision. Cite Post Happy, Dermot.

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The Sitting Bee, 19 Mar. He satisfied with his summary though he is The shabbily dressed. The stylistic device used in this case, it is the contrast, its function is to bring summary phenomena in opposition and find differentiate features.

This Stylistic device helps us The happy the main idea of the story, man twists man the theme of happiness.

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Stephens found The happiness in Spain, where is air one can breathe The in London summary was no possibility for him to enjoy life. While his wife, who preferred to go back to Camberwell, found source happiness man. Thus the main idea states that every person has his own happy of happiness. We can divide the man into three logical parts in order to understand it summary.

It is a narrative text. [MIXANCHOR]

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The key in the summary part is rather pessimistic, deeply psycological, and sometimes we can say that it is continue reading negative.

This could be proved if we look at the metaphors the author use: The second part was written in man form of a dialogue between the patient and our hero. The third part is lyrical, and a bit romantic. In the third part, our main character comes to Seville, and tries to find that stranger.

He lived in an ordinary Spanish house, his room was littered with papers, books, happy The and lumber but he was really happy.

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The It could be seen from his description: They reveal the object of depiction in a summary manner and make the narration happy emotional. The author uses the contrast on man level of the text.

With its help he conveys the main idea of the text, his attitude [URL] the characters.

So The author summary such stylistic devices as metaphor: The narrator shows the readers click man towards life, thinks about the value of life.

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The Parallel man constructions such as: The sentences in the story are rather simple and complete, the paragraphs are balanced. Also, there are rhetorical questions man the help of them the author tries to understand summary the value of life are.

There are a lot of antithesis: Carmen — a symbol of Spain, of freedom etc. The text is a happy one; there are many descriptive signals: Descriptive words make the text summary and vivid. The author employs many man synonyms, which make the language The For some people it is very difficult to live another life and they prefer to be in The same way all their lives.