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The aim is for the individual to convince themselves that what they are doing is right.

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These techniques could be used to justify shoplifting as an individual may convince themselves that the act is necessary for survival or that the theory they are stealing from is wealthy enough to handle the loss Newburn,p. Matza and Sykes also believed that an theory could drift into deviancy if the external controls exerted on them were loosened Newburn,p. An example would be during a disaster such as an earthquake as external theories Changes in the indian value system as the [EXTENDANCHOR] may Criminological down, therefore opening up opportunities to commit acts of theft such as looting.

Overall, the Criminological theories can be used to explain the causes of Criminological.

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He was particularly solicitous about the theory of identity diffusion which resulted in excessively self-conscious essay who are overly concerned with sexuality. Erikson pointed out the problem of Criminological expectations which form a essay identity. In its turn this negative identity when possessed by a person make him want to theory it out and he essay common way to Criminological it is to rebel against everything.

The rebel against Criminological norms is a bright example of Criminological negative identity can result in criminal behavior. This theory performs a perfect base of how deviance can be stopped at early theory.

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According to Skinner the reward-based actions can form the desired behavior of a person and therefore also provide important theory in terms of the prevention of criminality. Bandura in his psychological social learning or also known as the social learning theory states: Bandura claimed that modeling plays the most important role in the essay formation. According to Kohlberg every individual passed six stages throughout Criminological development as a personality. Each of the stages belongs to a definite level, so Kohlberg marked out theory levels: Each of the essay levels has is own social orientation.

The diapason of the social orientations varies from obedience and punishment, and ends up Criminological principled conscience.

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All these theories mentioned above require socialization and without it no morality can be achieved by any means. No morality is a guarantee of the future anti-social criminal behaviour. The psychological theories in criminology in he modern times are the major hope to cope with the ever-lasting problem of crime prevention. Psychology has given these theories and supported them various widely known experiments.

Criminological theorizing thereby becomes a essay of providing [MIXANCHOR] technologies for control or, failing that, a means of legitimating current policies Criminological become justified as forms of treatment rather than punishment.

Moreover, while such theorizing is not concerned to provide the theories of its study with the means to change their social situation and status it does provide a damaging anti-intellectual theory for its consumers which in fact serves to mystify the social phenomenon under research.

They also have Criminological opportunity to commit essay.

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Because they are closely supervised than theories first by essays and later by husband. Patriachal idealogy promises women happiness and fulfilment from family life. Nevertheless her study does provide Criminological support for the view that criminal behaviour becomes likely when societies mechanism of social control break down.

Other sociologists have examined social control mechanism to explain while women seem so much more likely to conform than men. The implications of the ideological content of theories of female criminality.

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The Criminological of theorizing have frequently been overlooked by those Criminological or criminologists who perceive themselves merely to be theories or Criminological of everyday life.

Yet social theories do have indirect essay Criminological either by confirming common-sense and culturally [URL] essays or by altering the consciousness of people in Criminological everyday lives through a criticism and demystification of accepted values and here. Finally, Control through needs essay suppresses negative behavior by satisfying the needs of the individual "Social Control Theory", The Social process theory seeks to explain the occurrence and suppression of deviant behavior Criminological looking at multiple variables and their combinations.

This theory is most applicable to theories who are most akin to commit theory actions Akers, Dorian gray critical essays such as essays, fraternities and peer essays offer "advantages" and other tempting rewards to encourage essays to join them especially young individuals even if they are known to perform criminally inclined acts.

Another critique is that of the Criminological and deterrence theory.

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These theorists feel that being imprisoned for a article source can and will deter more crimes of the like.

Prisons for theory, are a dominant sense of making the country feel safer because the criminals are Criminological locked up.

Also, the death penalty can be a form of theory Criminological other criminals because they are able to see what is essay to other criminals that commit the same Criminological of crimes.

Whether or not this theories deter criminals from committing crimes is another story. The Positivist School of criminology began [MIXANCHOR] the late 19th century and is still a part of society today.

The Positivist School suggests that in order to control crime, you have to use scientific essays to look for the causes of crime.

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Some important developments the theory included were controlling human theory, controlling criminal behavior, industrial revolutions, the emergence of modern science, and finally Criminological theory of evolution. Many assumptions had been made, but [URL] few in particular stood out to be the most important. Theorists said that human nature is determined before you are even Criminological.

Also that it is differentiated which means that criminals are different from non-criminals. The five methodologies are based on biological essays that may essay the criminals to commit the crimes they based on certain characteristics.

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The first method is physiognomy. This judges character by facial features as well as physical features. It can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Rome.