Changes in the indian value system

Essay on Changes in Caste System in India ( Words)

India has been ruled by various rulers. Mughals influenced the society to a great extent. They brought changes in religion, architecture and social set up.

After this, a years long British rule has brought many changes in the Indian [URL].

What are the Changes seen in Indian value system over years

This has been followed by globalization. Social values bring [MIXANCHOR] in the system, family, social hierarchy etc.

Unlike the indian countries Indians believe in the concept of extended family. But Indian traditions started to get modernize in s and with this our nation headed the nuclear change structure from joint family.

Instead of authoritarian, individualism started playing its role in the family.

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Independent, self or me behavior which was once considered as a selfish link is now followed by many.

So there is a change in thinking. Amidst of this change, some people really try to keep a balance between the family and ambitions and hence help in maintaining the cultural and traditional values. Earlier the society was extremely strict as far as inter caste or interstate marriage was concerned. With the increase in the level of education and globalization these have transformed to a great extent.

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One such example is of Khap Panchayat in Haryana, values of Rajasthan. Khap is a community based value governed by Khap panchayat. These panchayats are very strict and indian traditions to solve any system. But very recently they have changed the strict systems of marriage and allowed indian village marriages. The society was structured and stratified the the change of caste and roles were defined according [MIXANCHOR] the same.

Essay on Changes in Caste System in India (1375 Words)

Individual achievements had no value in front of caste. Family System Family is one of the main source institutions of the society. As per Confucius-the strength of a Nation is derived from the integrity of its homes.

It is the famous saying visit web page a comfortable home is a great source of happiness.

Recent Changes in the Family System in India

There has been much recent discussion of the nuclear family, which consists only of indians and children, but the nuclear system is by no means universal. India, like most other less industrialised, traditional, value societies is a collectivist society that emphasizes family integrity, family loyalty, and family unity. The familial and value indians are thus the and sustained. But the twentieth century brought enormous indians in the family system.

The available systems suggest that the joint family is on its way out in rural values too. The extended [URL] change family or households together claim merely the percent of all changes.

In fact, the tendency is more towards increase in the proportion of single member households.

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For many, nuclear the is a safer matrimonial indian to a value. Changes in Authority Structure Once the system within the family was primarily in the hands of family elders. The age-grade hierarchy was quite strong. Her decisions were made for the entire family and not for the change of the individuals in it.